Yamaha Modification Cafe Racer 108 Photos

For you lovers of motorcycle modification certainly familiar with the term cafe racer. Yes, Cafer racer can be regarded as among the streams / style modification motor in the first place until now still loved. Perhaps even today’s increasingly popular. But before checking collection of Image Modification Cafe Racer, let’s talk somewhat about what it was Cafe Racer.

Cafe Racer is a term for a form of motorcycle and motorbike riders. The term originated from the rocker in European countries such as England, Italy, France around 1960 that the stage from one cafe to another cafe on a motorbike modified for transportation. The design of the cafe racer motorcycle itself mimics the style of motor racing back then, namely the Grand Prix.

Characteristic of the cafe racer motorcycle seats which are more backward usually just for one person, rear tail swollen like a wasp, the fuel tanks are elongated grooves on both sides and relatively low handlebar position. With their popularity, cafe racer is growing all the time. Currently, modifications cafe racer was more varied, as we discussed in the photo collection / collection of images cafe racer motorcycle modification the following cool-cool.

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