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Have you spent too long hiding your light under a bushel? Don't you think its time that you let the world see just how brightly you can shine? One of many worst crimes known to humanity is oppression. When people are oppressed, it is almost the same as slavery. They have their spirit broken like a wild mustang that was once free to roam wherever it pleased, and is now confined to a tiny little coral and is subjected to saddles and spurs on a daily basis.

To keep someone oppressed is a definite violation of their human rights. However there is a crime that is even more sinister than the oppression of the masses, it is the oppression of yourself. Feeling stuck in a rut is a self-inflicted mental prison. If you are stuck in a rut, it is down to you and you alone to get yourself unstuck. It is time to stop holding your greatness hostage and to let the light that resides within you shine through like a beacon guiding ships safely through the stormy sea of life.

Decide to "rise and shine."

Rise up from the self-imposed rut that you have been in for far too long and shine your inner strength and confidence for all the world to see. Life boils down to a matter of choices. The right choices will enable you to live a life that most people will only ever dream about and will think is far beyond their grasp. The wrong choices will keep you feeling fearful instead of fearless, they will keep your greatness held hostage and they will keep you firmly stuck in your rut. You can either be reactive to life or proactive to life.

You can either wait till life decides what it provides you with, or you can decide what you need from life and take action to get it. I make no apologies for making it sound so simple, that's because it's simple, it's not easy but it is simple.

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