Space Under the Stairs Refreshing Design Ideas

To be able to achieve an attractive interior design, you must utilize the space under the stairs. We are living in the modern era where house interior design plays a critical role and therefore, you must utilize every corner of your house. If you would like to L-shaped or U-shaped staircase, you will definitely notice empty space under the stairs. But, or even tried to decorate that empty area?
Well, most people don’t consider this to be and thats usually where they do the mistake.

We at Mentags understand this very well. Although we don’t offer any professional services such as interior design, we deliver endless interior design ideas that will inspire you. Mentags has provide you with some inventive ideas that will inspire you to decorate the space under the stairs.

Have a look at the following points:

Decorate The Space Under The Stairs With White Colored Pebbles

To be able to get an elegant look, you can go with this idea. Yes, you can decorate the empty space under the stairs with white-colored pebbles. In addition to this, you’ll have white colored marbles and some colorful indoor plants. In short, you can grow an indoor garden in the space under the stairs. It won’t just enhance the interior look but also adds a natural flavor to the interior design. Moreover, you’ll think about the stairs. Yes, you’ll have black colored granite stone finish over the stairs. If we talk about the wall under the stairs, you can give it a rustic look. Moreover, you should also go with polished marbles for the floor. It will bring a shiny look and you will be able to impress your guests.

Grow Indoor Plants To Enhance The Beauty

Well, you should grow indoor plants in the space that you will get under the stairs. Yes, you possibly can make an elevated section for growing indoor plants. For the base, you’ll have the layer of indoor grass and if we talk about the plants, you should have a money plant, rubber tree and many more. For the ceilings, you should have a white color with a glossy finish over it. Additionally you can install recessed lights over the ceiling. For the floor, you can install white colored tiles with a glossy finish over it. Additionally you can have some wall-mounted lights so they can improve the advantage with the interior design.

Make An Elevated Section Under The Stairs For Growing Indoor Plants

As an alternative, you should also go with a hardwood layout and you will also make an elevated section alongside the floor. You can install a white LED strip light alongside the border of the elevated section. You can grow your indoor plants in the elevated section. It will bring a rich look to the interior design.

So, these are some inventive ideas you can implement in the space that you will get under the stairs. We hope that this article would be helpful for you.

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