Pick-up Modification That Make No Sense

Modifications are an integral part of car culture and help bring a little bit of color into the car world. But some owners take too many liberties with mods.

Modifying pickup trucks may seem a silly idea. After all, pickups need to be made to be strong and tough to handle elements. But some owners can’t help putting in modifications from paint/wrap jobs to 3 additions making it stand out. Sure, a few can be quirky but still work out and let the owner put their own stamp of identity on a truck.

Unfortunately, too many owners take liberties with their car that are insane. The goal wasn’t adding a few minor touches, they completely transform the car in ways that aren’t just stupid but downright dangerous for a vehicle.

These are modifications dumb for any vehicle but on a pickup, they’re worse. These trucks really should not be subjected to such alterations, but they happen. These ten pickups stand out from the pack for modifications that boggle the mind and astounding they were ever imagined, let alone put on the road.

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