Hyperion XP-1 Is a 1000+ Mile Range Hydrogen-Powered Hypercar

It certainly looks the part, appearing rather like a Bugatti Chiron that had a transporter accident with an IndyCar. The headline figures for the XP-1 would transform it into a winner in a game of hypercar Top Trumps: Zero to 60mph in under 2.2 seconds.

A top speed above 221mph (356km/h). And a selection of 1,016 miles (1,635km) between fuel stops. The monocoque tub and bodywork are produced from carbon composite with strands of titanium woven through it for added strength, yet the XP-1 has a curb weight of 2,275lbs (1,031kg). And it’s powered by a hydrogen fuel cell that feeds energy to a couple electric motors, with an ultracapacitor in there as an energy storage device.

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