Hyperion XP-1 Is a 1000+ Mile Range Hydrogen-Powered Hypercar

Angelo Kafantaris is a man on a mission. He’s the CEO of Hyperion, which on Wednesday morning debuted a new hypercar that wants to prove you can go really fast without wrecking the planet. But this vehicle isn’t packed full of lithium-ion cells. Instead, the XP-1 is powered by a fuel cell, and its job is to give hydrogen a halo effect that more pedestrian fuel cell electric vehicles like the Toyota Mirai or Hyundai Nexo haven’t quite managed.

“The key criterion is to deliver this clean powerful energy source in a cost-effective way so the world could enjoy it,” he told me when we spoke 2-3 weeks go. “So we decided we wanted to help this industry grow so that ordinary people enjoy the same benefits, which of course would be really long range, really fast refuel time, a longer life cycle that doesn’t degrade with every charge (or refuel in this case), a very high gravimetric energy density, the nature of recyclability, which is not cost prohibitive as compared with batteries, and then I think lastly, durability since hydrogen vehicles are not susceptible to low performance in high heat or very cold temperatures. All these things make hydrogen a wonderful value proposition for the consumer when applied to vehicles.”

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