Hot Girls and Their Lovely Guns 222 Photos

One thing I’ve noticed about American culture is that in the overall scheme of things, we’re very conservative and traditional.  Men and women have very defined social roles and stick them very closely, and as it pertains to hobbies, very few cross over to hobbies “traditionally” reserved for the other sex.  I mean, how many dudes do you know who knit?

Luckily, women be seemingly prone to cross over to men’s interests, and with guns this has started to accelerate as shooting sports continues to slowly become more mainstream.  I met a blonde Texan girl this summer that swore to me she loved Cowboy Action shooting…

and incredulous to as to why she’d be involved in a sport normally reserved for older folks, as I asked her what got her involved:  It was all the “fun” clothes and peripheral fairs and community oriented stuff they had for the events down in Texas.

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