Fisker might build an electric pickup truck to take on Rivian, Tesla

The restored EV brand Fisker hasn’t propelled the vehicle and SUV it’s been prodding for a few years, yet that hasn’t ceased originator and CEO Henrik Fisker from discussing, and prodding, the following two models.

Fisker took to Twitter on Wednesday and tweeted a mystery picture that is unmistakably a CGI render of one of the alleged two vehicles set to come after his electric SUV.

Every car fragment must be jolted ! After our Fisker electric SUV, we have officially settled on our next 2 EV’s on a similar stage! #fisker #EVs #ElectricVehicle #Automotive #sustainability #cool #FutureTech #Trending

— Henrik Fisker (@henrikfisker) August 7, 2019

The tweet said the automaker’s next two electric vehicles (set to come after the SUV that hasn’t been appeared at this point) have been chosen, and both will ride on a similar stage.

The CGI render seems, by all accounts, to be a pickup truck appeared from the back. The back end has Fisker stepped into it in enormous capital letters and an even character line runs the width of the rear end. While the back end (and apparently the body) have all the earmarks of being silver, the highest point of the taxi is dark. This structure isn’t unusual for Fisker as one of the primary secrets for the up and coming SUV demonstrated a red body with a dark rooftop, which gave the vehicle a two-tone appearance.

Secret for Fisker electric SUV

Should Fisker’s third vehicle (the first being the EMotion that still hasn’t propelled and is behind the guaranteed calendar, and the second being the SUV) be a pickup that offers its stage with the fourth vehicle, that would make the fourth vehicle an enormous SUV similar to the Rivian R1S.

In the event that Fisker dives into the electric truck scene, it’ll face hardened challenge. Tesla has an electric truck in progress that will, as indicated by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, be revealed this fall. Passage has not just a cross breed variation of its F-150 underway yet in addition an electric model, which it as of late prodded with a model pulling a train. General Motors additionally has an electric pickup truck being developed. There’s additionally EV startup Rivian with the R1T and the previously mentioned R1S.

Fisker’s EMotion electric car was initially due in 2019 yet the dispatch has been postponed as the automaker attempts to create strong state batteries. Fisker now intends to dispatch three “reasonable” models beginning with the SUV, and afterward the EMotion as a lead.

The Fisker SUV has been prodded various occasions and is set to be divulged in December in front of an arranged dispatch in 2021.


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