Building Designs That Will Awaken Your Creativity

This are the most unique building design ideas I’ve ever seen. They are unique and innovative designs that any would be amazed. We’ve rounded up some of the best unique home and building design ideas that you’ll love.

1. Completed in 2016, this renovation in #china by #zaostandardarchitecture measures just 30 square meters.

Images by #wuqingshan

2. Fantastic design. Hats off to the talented architects . I hope it would get built in beautiful region of my country.

@shomali_design has envisioned its kujdane cabin among the forested region of northern #iran. the contemporary cabin dwelling is a reinterpretation of the traditional A-frame typology.

3. Located in #china and designed by atelier li xinggang, ‘the third space’ is composed of villa-stule apartments stacked on top of each other.

Images by @blowithand

4. #farmingstudio designed the ‘koi cafe’ in #hanoi, vietnam with an intricately-scalloped facade that leads into an open courtyard.

Photo by @thienthachphoto

5. Hope all this wood came from legalized wood extraction. There is a looot wood in this project.

Located in #helsinki, the #löyly sauna features an overall envelope composed of faceted triangular planes created from the careful milling of over 4,000 pinewood planks forming a sort of large scale venetian blind screening system.
images by @kuviophoto

6. The opportunity of architecture on hill side slope land.

With a series of arches inside and out, this hillside dwelling in #japan has been designed by @tomohiro_hata_archi. photo by toshiyuki yano

7. That’s what the future should look like!


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