95 Inspirational Head Tattoo Designs For Men

When it comes to head tattoos, gentlemen nowadays get more than just a skull for their skull well. In fact, this highly visible canvas area takes ink ideas to a whole new level.

Interestingly, the head tattoos are as visible as they are discreet.

A straight razor shave reveals the ink under your hair to the world. For several months, avoiding the barber chair keeps the tattoo hidden under the male mane.

As they say, it’s fun to have options. However, the same cannot be said about the process of making a tattoo on the head. In fact, ink is one of the most painful areas on the body.

Let’s face it, sitting in a chair while the needle vibrates your skull for hours on end is not a pleasant experience for any man. Of course, take into account the fact that your ears are only a few inches away when it comes to all that noise.

Besides, you will be amazed at the number of really sharp designs that come to light thanks to the tattoos on the head. Today’s guys get everything from gears to geometric patterns, tigers, letter designs and a lot more on their noggins. To see what I mean, just browse through this collection of 100 best head tattoos for men. Below you will find some male ideas as well as some of the coolest body art.

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