81 Beard Styles For Business Focused Professional

Lucky for you, we’ve got a host of tips as to where you are able to take your beard. It’s ill-advised to choose a long beard length in this sort of corporate environment. It’ll probably just comes across the wrong way.

Another option you have is to go the medium route. This must be tasteful and well-trimmed for the length to discover well. Your best option by far is to go with a beard that’s a little on the shorter side, as this exudes professionalism while still allowing for your super manliness to shine through. That girl you run into a lot at the water cooler? You better believe she’ll be noticing your beardedness.

Another benefit is that people (whether consciously or not) connote bearded men with confidence and experience. This is a pretty cool life hack to use on your boss. You’ll be getting that shiny new promotion in no time. Just don’t let the thing go to your head. With great beardedness comes great responsibility. If that quote works for Spider-Man, it’ll do the job too.

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