70 Amazing Crafted Wire Sculptures That Redefines Art

When it comes to modern-day sculpture, artists work with various mediums. In addition to traditional clay and vintage wood, present day avant-garde artists additionally dabble in paper, soap, or even candy artwork. Another surprising material that keeps to captivate present day sculptors is steel cord—a simple, malleable medium praised for its infinite creative potential and pioneered through modern artist Alexander Calder. While he’s known commonly for his abstract, multi-coloured mobiles, Calder additionally has a prolific portfolio of figurative wire sculpture.

What began out as experimental jewelry-making changed into a lifelong love affair with the medium, which Calder valued for its versatility and line-drawing-like aesthetic. Using cord fabricated from copper and steel, he crafted several sculptures of animals, figures, and, much less commonly, objects. Each piece showcases the artist’s modern technique to sculpting and his mastery of the medium.

Many present day sculptors comply with in Calder’s footsteps, generating pieces that feature creatures, people, and matters as their subjects. Here, we look at a number of the exceptional examples of those works from artists who, time and time again, show off their personal unique relationships with the wire artwork form. Some modern-day artists use wire to craft beautiful works of art.

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