61 Cool Under Stair Garden Ideas To Amaze Your Guest

The empty place below the stairs can be useful. You can keep things there, this is the most common use. However, there are various different beneath stair ideas you can pick for, depending upon the form of area you’ve got there.

A mini library with bookshelves or a studying nook or a home office, if it is huge enough. A canine house or playhouse for your children can be an interesting idea too. And, if your kitchen does not provide lots of cupboard area and it is near to that below the stair place, make a kitchen pantry.

Besides those varieties of below stair thoughts, you can make a closet to preserve your clothes. A small bathroom, a mudroom can also suit nicely there. There are lots of projects with tutorials to be had on-line to teach you a manner to do this.

The unique and modern designs used interior are garden under stairs. If your space gets some great indirect sunlight there, or via way of means of using artificial lights you can do this. If each are not possible, you can create greenery with the resource of using artificial plants.

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