55 Lifted Trucks Bigger Than Godzilla, They Are Cooler Than You Thought!

If you’ were to define the phrase “truck” in one word, what might it be? If your word is synonymous with function, utility, or use you’re probably a truck guy. The truck, in my humble opinion, came to be of necessity and is purpose built. Trucks move armies, build cities, and transport commerce. They also go places nothing else with four-wheel drive setups, low gear ratios and big power can go.It was an ideal combination. So naturally, people start to create off that and attempt to have the biggest, most powerful truck! Although a medieval pissing contest in the eyes of some, the lifted-truck community does get down and dirty in certain sections; namely the mudder section.

Some individuals will lift their trucks just for show, and that’s cool should you, we don’t judge you. Creating a real truck capable of taking a good, hard pounding without sustaining damage along the way is very expensive; it’s not an interest at that time – it’s a lifestyle. Mud trucks are lifted seemingly to the sky and fitted with tractor-like tires to traverse deep, sticky mud pits.

The more expensive they get, the more specialized the build should be; it’s a very important factor to get the suspension to hold where you want it to hold, but transferring power from the engine gets tricky once the axles are five feet lower.

Come marvel at truly remarkable pieces of mechanical art even as we explore slightly into what a real lifted truck looks like. No compensator trucks here, these bad boys are dependable and willing to roll.

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