53 Mesmerizing Back Skull Tattoo Designs For Men

Once hailed as too morbid and something only bikers wore, skull tattoos have long gone down in traditional body art, and their popularity only grows as meanings adapt to the wearer. An area like the one you have an amazing canvas for Playing so you feel like playing to balance opposites is a popular twist on skull tattoos. Many opt for the black design and gray with nifty black and gray or colored roses - a perfect embodiment of beauty and decay, of a battle between good and evil.

You can still go for the traditional approach, which skulls the idea of death itself is rooted. And they still look great as a whole back piece. These ancient pieces can show the world how to overcome a change in life as you evolve.

Another preferred way is sugar the skull. What has deep meaning to people with Mexican heritage has resonated with people around the world. It is the ultimate celebration of life that those who have died turn to making it their own to get someone's attention.

Wait no more! Regardless of what it means to you, only those will take the plunge to add some skull body art to their backs.

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