50 Manly Stuff Of The Day

It takes “good guys” who will grow and show the way to the next generation.

Young men need a narrative that they can connect with. They need role models and role models that can convey a positive image of masculinity that is still cool. They have to be taught what “being a man” should be without being a “bad temper”. They need us – the men and women in their lives who care for them – to walk step by step with them as they walk the path to authentic masculinity.

There are many ways of representing masculinity, and all of them are important – as long as your image of masculinity does not negate the humanity, dignity, or worth of any other person. “Man Up” means making good decisions based on moral or ethical principles, helping others and feeling comfortable in your own skin. “Man Up” means you treat others – everyone else – with respect, care and grace.

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