115 Camper Modification with Redneck Engineering

A new RV can be pretty expensive with a few of the luxury models topping out at over a million dollars.  These might not be the prettiest RVs on the highway, but you have to ask yourself, why buy an RV when you are able build a camper when you build one with a little redneck engineering?

#VanLife is ideal for nomads — those souls whose home is the open highway, who live for white-line fever, a different sunset every night and the sheer thrill of adventure. Yes, the RV and camper van lifestyle is one kind of intrigue and glamorous sightseeing. It’s also the life of truck stops, microwaved service-station hamburgers and “black water dumps.”

These RVs below reflect that side of the experience, and were probably designed by someone who spent long standing next to said dump hose breathing fumes.

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