109 Amazing Shark Tattoo Designs For Men

Few underwater creatures can match the terror induced by the awe-inspiring shark! With razor sharp teeth and jaws that latch on, it’s obvious why the shark is towards the top of their food chain. You may be surprised to know that back in the 16th century, sharks were actually called “sea dogs” by mariners.

Yet even more intrigued, to discover that there are more than 500 species of sharks roaming in the deep blue seas today. The most used you’re probably familiar with include the great white shark, tiger, blue, hammerhead and mako.

As it pertains to shark symbolism, their fearlessness, supremacy and violence garnishes plenty of respect. It’s often been said in earlier times that when a shark tracks a ship, someone on deck is near death.

In totem designs however, it represents the hunter who can survive and adapt in any natural environment. The Hawaiians and Polynesians believed them be protectors against enemies, with power stemming from the “aumakua” .The aumakua, if you’re not familiar, is some dots placed on the ankle to be able to warn sharks away. Old wives’tales tell stories about a woman being attacked in the ocean, only to be freed after the shark placed eyes upon the tattoo.

For the Maori, the mako shark was touted as the “king of the waters” and viewed as superior power in life. While the Celtics, believed the dorsal fin was quite similar to the scythe, and thus it represented the gathering of resources when opportunity presents itself. Much like how a shark captures its prey when there are schools of fish swimming all around. From shark teeth to realistic underwater adventures, I’m going to share with you 90 of the greatest shark tattoo designs for men.

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